Thursday, February 17, 2011

Uncle "karu"

Uncle “karu” is husband of my father’s elder sister. His name is “karunarathne”. That’s why he is called as “karu”. He had been a postman.
He is a sot.   Every evening he comes to home with bottle of arrack.
One fine day there was a party at my father’s younger brother’s home. When he arranges a party he calls uncle karu also. First they came to our grandmother’s home. Then they went to our relations homes.
Before came to party aunt warned to uncle not to drink. But he doesn’t care aunt’s warnings.
When went to party he wanted to drink. So he took a bottle of arrack from others and hidden it.
 He went to beside of our home.
At the evening I heard my mom was scolding to someone. When I went there I saw uncle has hidden lots of arrack bottles around our home. Mom threw them away.
After uncle came and found his bottles. He knew someone throws his bottles. Therefore he went while scolding.
After few hours aunt came our home while crying. Uncle was sent to the village doctor because his hand was broken.
We asked her “what happened to him?”
When he went to grandmothers home he was get crushed by a breadfruit and he felled. That’s why his hand was broken.
But I have a question yet. There isn’t any breadfruit tree around that area.

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